Respond to DREAM 7 challenges

The Dialogue for Reverse Engineering Assessments and Methods (DREAM) is designed to identify the best practices for predicting the structure of biological networks. The DREAM challenges pose fundamental questions about systems biology and invite participants to propose solutions. The main objective is to catalyze the interaction between theory and experiment, specifically in the area of cellular network inference and quantitative model building. DREAM challenges address how we can assess the quality of our descriptions of networks that underlie biological systems and of our predictions of the outcomes of novel experiments.


The 2012 DREAM challenges have now been posted at the link above. Deadlines for submitting solutions to the DREAM 7 Challenges can be found at the website.


This year’s DREAM challenges will for the first time pose challenges with potential implications for translational medicine. It also marks the first time that the National Cancer Institute has become directly involved in working with DREAM. This year’s challenges are:


  • Network Topology and Parameters Inference Challenge
  • Breast Cancer Prognosis Challenge (developed with Sage Bionetworks)
  • Phil Bowen ALS Prediction Challenge (developed with Prize4Life)
  • National Cancer Institute Challenge


For more information about DREAM 7, visit